The growing awareness of electric and low emission vehicles has an impact on where consumers are choosing to spend their money, new research suggests. 
Almost half of respondents said that a company with an electric or low-emission vehicle fleet would be more appealing than one that doesn’t. 
The research has found however, that less than half of those who drive would currently consider getting an electric vehicle. That’s despite 61% of people saying they’re aware of the Government’s target for all new cars and vans to be zero-emission by 2040, and it means more than 17 million drivers need convincing before they’ll start considering electric. 
According to the research, more than a fifth of drivers say they don’t know enough about the different fuel types available and what would suit their driving needs, which might put them off making the switch. 
The possibility of running out of battery mid-journey is the main reason why people may not choose to go electric, with 50% of respondents also citing concerns around access to charging facilities. 
As well as the obvious environmental benefits, many respondents are already aware of the in-life cost savings associated with driving an electric vehicle, with them acknowledging the appeal of cheaper fuel and road tax, and a quarter recognising the lower cost of maintenance and access to emissions-restricted areas. 
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